Mitutoyo Fall Specials

We pride ourselves on making it easy to buy the best precision measuring equipment in the world. Our Gage to PC Interface Kits include some of our most popular gages, as well as the hardware accessories that are necessary to get that data into a PC software like MS Excel.  If you are looking to use a caliper, micrometer, or any number of other precision measuring tools, and send that data directly into a software like MS Excel, we carry a variety of packages that will do just that.  These particular packages take the incoming data and convert it into what MS Windows recognizes as a keyboard entry.  No matter what software you are using, whether it be MS Excel, or an SPC software like QC-CALC or MeasurLink, the data is placed wherever your cursor is, just as if you typed it in from a keyboard.  No extra software to purchase, and no code to write. Our products are simple, functional, and the best value available. Available Now at​