The Tool Mart introduces the Sandvik GC4325 Carbide Insert.

Sandvik-GC4325Featuring Inveio™, Sandvik GC4325, a new innovation in tool material which provides increased cutting speeds and longer tool life with very high reliability, the new Sandvik GC4325 is a break-through in cutting tool technology.

Withstands Higher Temperatures
The insert substrate and coating of GC4325 have been developed to better withstand high temperatures, reducing the effect that causes excessive wear. Also, the grade is highly capable of maintaining the insert edge line at higher temperatures, which translates into the capability for higher cutting speeds with added security through more predictable, longer tool life.

What is Inveio?
A uni-directional crystal orientation where atoms are more tightly packed towards the cutting edge, resulting in increased insert strength, wear resistance and pro-longed tool life. Visit for more information.