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Multi-Axis Machining

The initial challenge in multi-axis machining  is to program the tool path while avoiding collisions with the workholding fixtures and machine spindle. To do this you must:

1) Identify the optimal spot in the machines work envelope which allows for multi-axis machining of your part.

2) Establish a repeatable point of reference on the machines work table.

3) Incorporate workholding components with a repeatable point of reference to the table to elevate and rigidly clamp the part in the optimal spot of the machine work envelope.

4) Incorporate  accurate and repeatable Quick Change fixturing for quick part to part changeovers and fast setups between short part runs.

Jergens continues to supply quick change Ball Lock Sub-plates and Modular QLS systems of risers, and top tooling to quickly and accurately clamp your part firmly and raise your part off of the table to the optimal spot in the machine work envelope.

In addition Jergens just introduced their very affordable Universal Rotary Indexer Adapters that easily mount to most common rotary indexers and trunion tables.  The adapters also feature the Jergens QLS Quick Locating System. which will allow you to incorporate flexible QLS system risers and top tooling to rigidly clamp your part in the optimal spot of the machine work envelope for multi-axes machining. Available top tooling includes: self-centering  vises, dovetail vises, collet holders, machinable blanks and vise adapter plates.  The rotary adapter plate and QLS components also support the use of Jergens Drop and Lock pallet changers, providing even faster part to part changeover (seconds) with .0003” repeat-ability. Order Today at or Call 1-800-638-1245

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Jergens Fixture Pro - Multi Axis Rotary Adapter Kit